15 officers injured and police cars smashed after street party

Police Professional | Fifteen MPS officers injured tackling illegal street  party in south London

Twenty two officers have been injured and police cars smashed up during “significant disorder” following a street party in Brixton overnight.

Footage on social media showed a line of police retreating from crowds of people running at them with makeshift weapons on Cecilia Road near the Angell Town estate in Brixton on Wednesday night.

Police said they were called by concerned residents to the illegal street party but were met by a “hostile” crowd.

Bottles were thrown at the officers and in one video a man appeared to be brandishing a long pole at them as he said: “Back up.”

Another two men were seen carrying a large wooden table before ripping its legs off and running at the police who started to run away as the crowd descended on them.

Two men could be seen on top of a police vehicle smashing in the windscreen with a table leg and their feet.

Another man had what appeared to be a plank of wood and was hitting the back of a police van with it before it was driven off.

source: sky news

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