Ghana’s wholesale adoption of new Covid-19 discharge protocols risky – Virologist warns

Ghana's wholesale adoption of new Covid-19 discharge protocols risky - Virologist  warns -

A virologist with the Kumasi Center for Collaborative Research (KCCR) has cautioned government to tread cautiously in adopting reviewed discharge protocols for Covid-19 carriers recommended by the World Health Organisation (W.H.O).

According to Dr Augustine Angelina Sylverken, a wholesale approach to this directive may be detrimental to the strides made by the country in a bid to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus.

The new protocols are set to, among other things, de-isolate asymptomatic cases 14 days after an initial positive test. For symptomatic cases, de-isolation is scheduled to take place 14 days after onset of symptoms plus at least 3 days without symptoms.

The fresh directive is expected to reduce ‘rising cost in testing’ and ‘increasing workload’.

But Dr Sylverken is hesitant in her belief in the latest recommendation.

She told Emefa Apawu on ‘Beyond The Lockdown’ show on Sunday, she warned that a wholesale approach to the fresh modality may be risky.

“I don’t think that the fact that the WHO says we should forget about it [initial protocols] – of course, they gave a number of reasons like lack of equipment, personnel and so on – I think we need to assess ourselves.

“If we feel that we have the needed resources, i.e beds in isolation centres and testing capacity [existing protocols must be continued],” the KCCR virologist said.

The application of the new recovery and discharge protocols has already resulted in a spike in discharges of over 10,000 persons from various treatment facilities across the country.

Dr Sylverken explained that “if I am even symptomatic or asymptomatic and I am taken to an isolation centre and after a period of time I am asked to go home without any test, you think psychologically we should really be treading cautiously.”

source: myjoyonline

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