India soldiers killed in clash with Chinese forces

Three Indian soldiers killed in clash with Chinese forces in Ladakh

Three Indian soldiers have been killed in a clash with Chinese forces in Ladakh in the disputed Kashmir region, amid rising tensions between the two countries.

The Indian army said “senior military officials of the two sides are meeting to defuse the situation”, but did not elaborate.

China responded by calling on India not take unilateral actions or stir up trouble, the Reuters news agency reported.

China has also accused India of crossing the border and attacking Chinese soldiers, AFP news agency reported.

The deaths are believed to be the first in decades in a confrontation between the two powers. They have fought only one war so far, in 1962, when India suffered a humiliating defeat.

India accuses China of occupying 38,000 sq km of its territory. Several rounds of talks in the last three decades have failed to resolve the boundary disputes.

In may, dozens of Indian and Chinese soldiers exchanged physical blows in a clash on the border in the northeastern state of Sikkim. And in 2017, the two countries clashed in the region after China tried to extend a border road through a disputed plateau.

The Indian army is expected to address reporters shortly to provide more information about the incident.

source: bbc

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