Coronavirus resurgence forces Beijing to reinstate isolation measures

Coronavirus resurgence forces Beijing to reinstate isolation measures -  Reuters

Several districts in Beijing reinstated security checkpoints, ordered residents be tested and closed schools on Monday in response to an unexpected resurgence of the coronavirus in the Chinese capital.

After nearly two months with no new infections, Beijing officials have reported 79 cases over the past four days, the biggest concentration of infections since February.

The return of COVID-19 in Beijing has shrouded the city, home to the headquarters of many big corporations, in uncertainty at a time China is trying to shake off the economic torpor of the virus.

“The risk of the epidemic spreading is very high, so we should take resolute and decisive measures,” Xu Hejiang, spokesman at the Beijing city government, said at a press conference on Monday.

Measures imposed included erecting round-the-clock security checkpoints, closing schools and sports venues, and reinstating temperature checks at malls, supermarkets and office buildings.

Some districts also dispatched officials to residential compounds in what they described as a “knock, knock” operation to identify people who have visited Xinfadi or been in contact with somebody who has.

Beijing began testing on masse on Sunday, conducting tens of thousands of examinations.

source: reuters

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