McDonald’s Customer Shoots Employees After Being Asked to Leave Because of Coronavirus Restrictions

Oklahoma City McDonald's Shooting: Customer shoots at employees ...

Oklahoma City authorities have identified the perpetrator of a shooting at a city McDonald’s as 32-year-old Gloricia Woody.

The dining area at the McDonald’s restaurant was closed to comply with COVID-19 safety precautions. Woody entered the dining area and got into a physical confrontation with an employee after being informed of the rule and asked to leave.

Employees forced Woody out of the restaurant, but she returned with a handgun and fired at them. Woody allegedly fired about three rounds, striking one employee in the arm. Two other employees were struck by shrapnel in the attack. The employee involved in the initial encounter with Woody had a head injury. Three of the four employees were taken to the hospital, but all are expected to recover.

Woody was taken into custody and faces charges of assault with a deadly weapon. The incident was the latest in a growing trend of violence directed at employees of businesses trying to enforce social distancing measures.

source: Washington Post

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