China’s Military Is Tied to Debilitating New Cyber attack Tool

Naikon, Group Tied to China's Military, Deploys Debilitating New ...

An Israeli cybersecurity company has identified an invisible cyberattack tool called Aria-body and linked it to the Naikon hacking group, which is affiliated with the Chinese military.

The Aria-body tool gives hackers the ability to copy, delete, or create files, as well as carry out extensive searches of a compromised device’s data.

The Israeli cybersecurity firm, Check Point Software Technologies, said the tool has been deployed against Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s office as well as government agencies and state-owned technology companies in Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Myanmar, and Brunei.

“The Naikon group has been running a longstanding operation, during which it has updated its new cyberweapon time and time again, built an extensive offensive infrastructure and worked to penetrate many governments across Asia and the Pacific,” concluded Lotem Finkelstein, head of the cyberthreat intelligence group at Check Point. Both Check Point and security researchers from other companies said it was alarming to note the intrusive capabilities of the Aria-body tool. Beijing has long denied that China is involved in foreign cyberattacks.

source: New York Times

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