Nearly 900 Workers at Tyson Foods Plant in Indiana Test Positive for Coronavirus

Nearly 900 workers at Tyson Foods plant in Indiana test positive ...

A major outbreak of coronavirus has shuttered a Tysons Food facility in Indiana, with 890 employees — or more than 40 percent of the plant’s workers — testing positive in less than a week.

The country’s largest U.S. meat supplier is now working to reopen the Logansport location and other facilities it voluntarily closed in response to the pandemic. Those efforts have taken on new urgency since Tuesday’s executive order classifying meat processing plants as “critical infrastructure” under the Defense Production Act.

Tyson Foods released a statement on how it is protecting workers, who in this industry often work in close quarters with limited personal space. “We’ve been screening worker temperatures, requiring protective face coverings and conducting additional cleaning and sanitizing,” it noted. “We’ve also implemented social distancing measures, such as workstation dividers and more breakroom space.”

source: foxnews

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