Nations, U.S. States Each Chart Their Own Path on Reopening

Nations, US states each chart their own path on reopening

With no clear coordination between countries, the world is tackling the fragile task of returning to business as usual without sparking a fresh wave of coronavirus infections.

Great Britain is committed to keeping restrictions in place at least until May 7, while the Czech Republic has already opened smaller businesses while still maintaining social distancing and face-mask mandates. This week, Australia is resuming elective surgeries and New Zealand is again allowing the purchase of takeout food. Just as the process differs from nation to nation, individual U.S. states are adopting different approaches. Hair salons and restaurants are starting to open in some jurisdictions, including Georgia and Alaska, while governors in hard-hit areas such as New York and Michigan will uphold stay-at-home orders at least until the middle of next month.

In a sign that enforcing restrictions could become more difficult, Californians defied lockdown orders and flocked to beaches, rivers, and trails as temperatures soared on Sunday. The concern is that failure to comply with lockdowns or reopening economies to soon could reverse progress in a pandemic that has already infected nearly 3 million people by conservative estimates.

source: Associated Press

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