Free Fast Food and Coupons Latest Virus-Related Hacker Scam

Hackers tempt federal workers with free fast food in COVID-19 ...

Hackers have pounced on the opportunity to exploit the COVID-19 pandemic with new cybercriminal campaigns. They have launched waves of phishing attacks with emails containing malicious links disguised as news from health agencies or other trusted sources.

According to Google researchers, the latest campaign has involved state-backed hackers posing as American fast food franchises and targeting U.S. government employees. The malicious emails claim to provide coupons for discounted meals or even free meals, and try to convince victims to “visit sites disguised as online ordering and delivery options,” Google said Wednesday.

The hackers’ goal is to get victims to turn over their account credentials. Google said there is no evidence the scheme has worked, but the tech giant still notified government employees about the state-backed campaign.

source: Bloomberg

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