Virtual Army Rising Up to Protect Healthcare Groups From Hackers

Virtual army rising up to protect health care groups from hackers ...

Amid the urgency of the COVID-19 pandemic, hackers have sought to profit off of the increased reliance on networks by targeting healthcare organizations in cyberattacks. But as these cybercriminals look to wreak havoc in hospitals, they are meeting resistance courtesy of legions of white-hat hackers offering their skills to defend vulnerable organizations.

One white-hat hacking legion, the non-profit COVID-19 CTI League, has more than 1,400 volunteers across 76 countries. These volunteers use their backgrounds in information security, telecommunications, and law enforcement to protect and defend hospitals that are busy treating COVID-19 patients.

Marc Rogers, the executive director of cybersecurity at software group Okta and one of the leaders of the CTI League, described it as “a literal army of infosec people” enhancing cybersecurity for hospitals. “We haven’t seen any catastrophic situations yet, and I’m quietly hopeful that that’s because of the proactive work that all of these groups are doing,” Rogers added.

source: The Hill

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