Conspiracy Theorists Burn 5G Towers Claiming Link to Virus

Conspiracy theorists burn 5G towers claiming link to virus | KMEG

Conspiracy theorists across Europe have targeted 5G towers amid unsubstantiated beliefs that the towers are responsible for the coronavirus pandemic.

Arson attacks on cell towers have occurred recently in the Netherlands, Ireland, United Kingdom, Cyprus, and Belgium. The global spread of the virus at the same time that countries rolled out 5G wireless technology amplified theories that cell towers are dangerous and fueled the arson and vandalism.

Officials in Europe and the United States said they are tracking the attacks closely, concerned that the arson will undermine vital telecommunications links at a time they’re most needed to deal with the pandemic.

One of the UK towers targeted by attackers was supplying voice and data traffic to a Birmingham field hospital for coronavirus patients, underscoring the risks of burning 5G towers.

Doctors and public health officials have blasted claims that 5G is responsible for the virus, but conspiracy theorists have persisted in their beliefs and with attacks on telecommunications infrastructure.

source: Associated Press

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