Art Thief Smashed Museum Doors With a Sledgehammer to Steal Vincent Van Gogh Painting

Thief stole prized Vincent van Gogh painting with a sledgehammer ...

A Dutch crime-busting television show aired security footage from the Singer Laren Museum showing how an art thief managed to break into the building and steal a painting by Vincent Van Gogh.

Law enforcement officials said they hoped that the public airing of the footage will lead to more tips about the identity of the thief or the location of the stolen art.

The security cameras at the Singer Laren Museum caught the thief smashing through the door with a sledgehammer in the early hours of the morning on March 30. Several minutes later, the thief exited the museum through the gift shop, holding the painting in one hand and the sledgehammer in the other.

Police withheld other footage from within the museum to protect the integrity of the investigation. Joost Lanshage, a police spokesman, revealed Wednesday that the footage had the desired effect, leading to 40 new tips from the public.

Maren Wonder, another police spokeswoman, asked any potential witnesses to reach out to law enforcement, as well as any museum visitor who noticed someone behaving unusually in the days leading up to the heist.

source: USA Today

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