16 Killed in Shooting Rampage, Deadliest in Canadian History

16 killed in shooting rampage, deadliest in Canadian history ...

Canada suffered its worst mass shooting in history over the weekend, as a lone gunman’s spree ended with his death and the murder of 16 others.

Gabriel Wortman, 51, started his bloody rampage late Saturday with what authorities suspect was a targeted attack on several people at a home in the small Nova Scotia town of Portapique, where he lived part-time.

Disguised as a police officer, the assailant then likely began killing people at random and setting homes afire. Police eventually cornered him at a gas station near Halifax and, after initially reporting his arrest, announced his death.

Among the lives Wortman took was that of an actual police officer, while another was injured. Canada’s worst mass shooting before now occurred in 1989 when a gunman killed 14 women and himself at Ecole Polytechnique college in Montreal. After that, the country outlawed the possession of an unregistered handgun or any kind of rapid-fire weapon.

source: Associated Press

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