Leading Tech Groups Push Congress to Provide Funds for IT, Cybersecurity During Pandemic

Coronavirus pandemic: why cybersecurity matters | World Economic Forum

Leading tech industry groups this week asked Congress to throw its efforts behind IT modernization and cybersecurity measures amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

On Thursday the Internet Association, CompTIA, the Cybersecurity Coalition, the Alliance for Digital Innovation, the Center for Procurement Advocacy, and the Information Technology Industry Council wrote to congressional leaders strongly encouraging them to include funds for IT modernization and cybersecurity in the next coronavirus stimulus package.

The tech coalitions represent major tech players like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Twitter, Airbnb, AT&T, and Mozilla, among others. In the letter, the groups said “additional IT investments” are needed “to ensure our nation is able to effectively respond to this crisis.”

They want the next stimulus bill to include money for modernizing federal agency networks, upgrading IT for state and local governments, and investing in cybersecurity. The $2 trillion stimulus package that has already been passed did include some funding for IT upgrades, but the tech groups said the initial funding was insufficient.

source: The Hill

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