FBI Records Detail Missouri Man’s Plot to Bomb Hospital

FBI records detail Missouri man's plot to bomb hospital | Security ...

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) started monitoring Missouri man Timothy Wilson last fall based on troubling online communications. While communicating with an undercover FBI agent, Wilson shared manuals on how to build explosives and booby traps, and even jokingly indicated that any attempt by federal authorities to arrest him would end in violence.

That prediction came true months later when in March the FBI attempted to arrest Wilson because it suspected he was plotting to bomb a hospital. When agents came to arrest him, Wilson was armed and had a bomb within reach. A shootout ensued and Wilson was killed. But newly unsealed court documents have shed more light on Wilson’s plot.

Wilson allegedly considered multiple locations for his terror attack, including schools, nuclear plants, Islamic centers, synagogues, and the Walmart headquarters, before settling on Belton Regional Medical Center. He visited the hospital with an undercover FBI agent to scope the scene and decided to push up the timeline for his attack, agitated by the coronavirus outbreak in Missouri. The FBI said Wilson was motivated by racial, religious, and anti-government prejudices.

source: Security InfoWatch

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