Malware Found on 45 Percent of Home Office Networks

Malware found on 45 percent of home office networks

The security vendor BitSight has found that 45 percent of companies have malware on their corporate-associated home networks. That stands in stark contrast to office-based corporate networks, with 13.3 percent containing malware.

In March 2020 alone, home office networks were 3.5 times more likely to have a malware infection than corporate networks. Many of the infected home networks had TrickBot malware, which is commonly used in ransomware attacks.

BitSight also found a number of well-known botnets, including Mirai. “Worms like Mirai impact home networks more than corporate networks because of all the different IoT devices and consumer devices that Mirai was built to take advantage of and exploit,” said Dan Dahlberg, a BitSight researcher.

BitSight conducted the research into home network vulnerabilities after the COVID-19 pandemic triggered widespread lockdown orders and a surge in remote work. “The attack surface has expanded because you have people working from home who’ve never worked home before, and it happened so quickly,” Dahlberg explained.


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