Spain, Austria Ease Lockdowns But WHO Warns Coronavirus ‘Has Not Peaked’

Spain, Austria ease curbs but WHO warns coronavirus 'certainly ...

Spain and Austria began letting some workers return to their jobs on Tuesday, despite a warning from the World Health Organization (WHO) that the COVID-19 pandemic has not peaked.

Speaking at a briefing in Geneva, WHO spokeswoman Margaret Harris acknowledged a stabilization in cases in parts of Europe but pointed to surges elsewhere.

Britain has extended its lockdown edict until May 7 at the earliest, with India and France targeting May 3 and May 11, respectively, to start easing restrictions. In the United States — which is the new epicenter of the pandemic, with 23,568 lives lost to date — debate continues to brew over when to start reopening the economy.

President Trump had predicted a return to normal after the Easter holiday, but maintains that the call is his to make. Meanwhile, a coalition of governors from 10 states on Monday entered into two regional pacts aimed at coordinating gradual economic reopenings as outbreaks in the participating states appear to finally be waning.

source: reuters

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