Tamale Central Hospital disengages services of casual workers

Tamale Central Hospital Ready To Establish Endowment Fund

The Tamale Central Hospital in the Northern Region has with immediate effect disengaged the services of all its casual workers until further notice due to the impact of the Coronavirus outbreak on their operations.

This decision has been necessitated because the hospital can no longer generate enough money to pay the casual workers following the decrease in the number of patients it has been recording in the wake of the pandemic.

In a memo sighted by citinewsroom.commanagement of the facility said:

“This is to inform all causal staff of this hospital that they are disengaged from the hospital with immediate effect until further notice. This directive has become necessary due to the outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19).
Patients’ attendance has been dwindling and the hospital will not be able to generate any revenue for the period that the pandemic is going to be with us. This implies that the hospital will not be able to pay hired labour wages for the entire duration of the pandemic. It is against this background that, all casual workers are disengaged until further notice.”

Meanwhile, the causal workers say the decision by the hospital administration is only a means to frustrate them as the facility is never cash-strapped as it claims.

The workers said the current turn of events can rather be blamed on what they say is the ‘selfishness and incompetence’ of the Medical Superintendent who is committed to relieving all casual works from their posts.

source: citinewsroom

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