Deadly tornadoes in two U.S. cities cause ‘catastrophic’ damage

Deadly tornadoes in two U.S. cities cause 'catastrophic' damage ...

Tornadoes in Mississippi and Louisiana have caused “catastrophic” damage and at least six deaths after touching down Sunday, emergency officials say.

So far, officials say hundreds of structures have been damaged by the storms.

Two people are dead in Lawrence County, Mississippi, according to Monticello Fire Chief Lyle Berard, saying there were reports of two tornadoes in the area.

“It’s pretty bad,” he said “We have downed trees and multiple homes with major damage.”

The Mississippi State Emergency Management Agency confirmed the Lawrence County deaths. It said on Twitter that one person had died in Walthall County and there had been three confirmed fatalities in Jefferson Davis County.

In Covington County, Mississippi, every emergency worker available was working Sunday evening to respond to damage from what the National Weather Service described as “a large and destructive tornado” county Emergency Management Department director Greg Sanford told CNN.

source: cnn

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