National Security Officials Warn of Extremists Exploiting Coronavirus Pandemic

National security officials warn of extremists exploiting ...

The FBI, Department of Homeland Security, and National Counterterrorism Center released a joint intelligence bulletin on Tuesday warning that extremists are using the coronavirus pandemic to feed their agendas.

On one front, the alert worries about violence against minority populations as hate groups circulate conspiracy theories that blame Asians and Jews for spreading the virus.

On another, anti-government extremists are trying to light a fire by claiming that management of the outbreak could tank the global economy, potentially encouraging the financially disenfranchised to resort to violence.

Some groups also may be looking for ways to take advantage of gaps in law enforcement, with extremists driven by police brutality considering ignoring stay-at-home orders and preparing to respond with force to any incidents of police abuse that arise.

Militias, meanwhile, reportedly are talking about an armed resistance should the government attempt to seize their weapons or enforce martial law; and anti-abortion extremists are threatening violence against reproductive health care providers still providing services during the pandemic.

source: cnn

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