Infrared Cameras, Personal Towels: China Factories Go to Extremes to Fend Off Virus

Chinese factories go to extremes to fend off second wave of ...

As China cautiously peels back social distancing practices after claiming a win over coronavirus, companies are reopening with a whole new set of mandates designed to avoid a flare-up of infections.

Some are government directives — such as opening office windows for 30 minutes three times a day, providing workers with face masks, and checking temperatures daily — while individual employers are adopting additional rules at the company level.

At telecom giant Huawei, for instance, that means employees must submit a health update each day by noon; and at air conditioner manufacturer TCL, it means taking personal towels to work to dry hands after washing them.

These and other protocols are important, according to University of California, Berkely business administration professor David Levine, who says the objective is not only to avert new outbreaks but to allay consumer fears.

“Manufacturers are going to have to convince consumers of the safety of their products,” he says. Failure on either front could have dire economic and/or political implications for China and, potentially, the rest of the world.

source: Washington Post

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