Boris Johnson ‘Still in Charge’ Despite Hospital Admission

Boris Johnson 'still in charge' despite hospital admission -

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson continues to run the country despite being hospitalized Sunday for coronavirus, Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick has assured. Although probably frustrating for Johnson to not be hands-on right now, Jenrick said “he’s still very much in charge of the government.”

There is some speculation, however, that the leader — who continues to experience symptoms 10 days after testing positive — may need time to rest and recover. That determination will come after he undergoes testing, likely to include chest X-rays, lung scans, electrocardiogram, white blood cell count, and liver and kidney function screens. Should he be unable to return to work immediately, First Secretary of State Dominic Raab would technically be next in line to assume his duties.

More practically, Cabinet Office Minister Michael Gove and Health Secretary Matt Hancock would likely take charge of managing the COVID-19 pandemic, although the hope would be to have Johnson back in place before any major decisions — such as when to end the nation’s lockdown — need to be made.

source: bbc

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