Man Pleads Guilty to Plotting to Attack White House With Anti-Tank Missile

Georgia Man Accused Of White House Attack Plot Pleads Guilty ...

A Georgia man is facing five to 20 years in jail after he admitted to planning terrorist attacks on symbolic American targets, including the Washington Monument, White House, and Lincoln Memorial.

Law enforcement began surveilling Hasher Jallal Taheb, 23, in early 2018 after receiving a tip that he had become radicalized. The suspect, who had unwitting contact with the FBI through both an informant and an undercover agent, was arrested in January 2019 when arrived at a meet-up to obtain an AT-4 anti-tank weapon, explosives, and assault weaponry.

On Wednesday, Taheb entered a guilty plea for attempted destruction of U.S. government property by fire or explosive. Sentencing is scheduled in June for the jihad supporter, who reportedly told the FBI informant that he expected to become a “martyr.”

source: New York Times

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