Amazon Workers Test Positive for COVID-19 at Six U.S. Warehouses

Image result for Amazon Workers Test Positive for COVID-19 at Six U.S. Warehouses

The U.S. coronavirus outbreak has spread to at least six Amazon warehouses, infecting workers racing to deliver massive volumes of packages for consumers leery of leaving their homes to shop.

In recent days, Amazon workers tested positive for COVID-519 in New York City, Shepherdsville, Ky., Jacksonville, Fla., Katy, Texas, Brownstown, Mich., and Oklahoma City.

In some cases, Amazon shut down facilities for cleaning, and some co-workers who were in close contact with their infected colleagues have been quarantined.

The confirmed cases came days after Amazon warehouse workers raised concerns about the company’s steps to protect them from the virus. According to the workers, Amazon has persisted with stand-up meetings that put workers in very close proximity, breaking the six-foot social distancing rule espoused by public health officials.

Meanwhile, the e-commerce giant is pushing its workers to meet the per-hour rate at which it wants orders fulfilled, a demand that workers say discourages them from taking steps that could protect them from the virus but take up precious time.

source: Washington Post

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