UK Calls in Army and Warns People to Stay Home or Face Lockdown

Image result for UK Calls in Army and Warns People to Stay Home or Face Lockdown

Britain, which has been deploying different strategies to contain the spread of COVID-19, said more draconian measures will be next if citizens continue to downplay the gravity of the situation.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson asked Britons to telework and ordered pubs, gyms, and leisure centers to close, only to have residents crowd parks and other outdoor venues over the weekend.

The government warned the public again on Monday to stay home and practice social distancing, this time under the threat of a lockdown with curfews and travel restrictions.

Also on Monday, it called in the army to deliver millions of items of personal protective equipment to struggling hospitals. “It’s like a war effort, it is a war against this virus and so the army have been incredibly helpful in getting those logistics so we can get the supplies to protect people on the front line,” Health Secretary Matt Hancock told the BBC, noting that the number of ventilators within the health service has reached 12,000, up from 5,000 at the onset of the crisis.

source: Reuters

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