Working From Home a Cybersecurity Headache for Employers

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As the Covid-19 pandemic prompts companies to shift to remote work, cybersecurity concerns have become more pressing than ever. With most or all employees working remotely, companies and their IT staffs are tasked with securing sprawling, vulnerable networks.

Even just one employee connecting to a work network from home or from a personal device creates a possible access point for hackers. With the Covid-19 pandemic, some companies are now dealing with the reality that thousands of workers are connecting from home.

Risks vary from company to company. For example, companies that distribute work laptops to their employees are in a better position because internal safety measures at already at work. But when employees are using personal devices, security teams do not have the access needed to diligently monitor for malicious traffic.

The challenge can overwhelm security personnel, especially for those companies that have previously discouraged employees from working from home. The transition from an office environment to an entirely remote environment is typically played out over months, but Covid-19 has inspired an instant shift.

source: Bloomberg

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