More Coronavirus Cases Outside Mainland China Than Inside as Pandemic Accelerates

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For the first time since the novel coronavirus was identified late last year, there are more recorded cases outside mainland China than inside. This marks a new milestone in the evolution of the global pandemic.

China’s National Health Commission on Monday reported 16 new cases and 14 deaths. In total, China has reckoned with 80,860 cases and 67,000 recoveries.

The Covid-19 virus originated in China, but in recent days infection rates have surged in other countries. Italy, the hardest-hit country in Europe, has more than 24,000 cases. Iran has 14,000, Spain has 7,000, and the United States has 3,400 confirmed cases of Covid-19.

Statistics from Johns Hopkins University put the worldwide tally at 169,446 cases as of Monday morning, with a death toll of 6,500 people.

Countries around the world have implemented emergency measures in a bid to slow the virus. While social distancing is widely encouraged, some countries have gone a step further by instituting lockdowns, imposing travel restrictions, closing schools, and ordering restaurants and bars to shut down.

Even so, countries across Asia, who through aggressive measures have largely stabilized caseloads, are fearful that a wave of travel from Europe and North America could trigger a second wave of Covid-19.

The United States is set to announce new rules and restrictions on Monday, as governors have already started individually closing restaurants and bars in their states. Meanwhile, the Federal Reserve said Monday it would cut its target interest rate to zero.

source: cnn

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