Cybersecurity Experts Warn That Hackers Are Targeting People Working From Home Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

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Hackers are targeting remote workers as the coronavirus crisis causes more people to work from home.

Mark Ostroski of Check Point Security notes that people often take liberties when they work from home, and that malicious entities are making a conscious effort to exploit this. Remote workers may be more vulnerable to fraudulent emails disguised as urgent messages from senior staff about the virus.

Check Point Security tracked a phishing email disguised as a World Health Organization message about the coronavirus that reached 10% of all organizations in Italy, where 233 people have died from the virus.

Cybersecurity vulnerabilities are worse when employees are isolated at home in part because more critical enterprise work will be conducted through technology. Moreover, some companies have offered free use of their remote collaboration tools in response to the outbreak, which has come with some cracks in security. For example, Cisco said use of its Webex video conference among users in China has increased by 22 times since the outbreak began, and last week the company addressed a Webex vulnerability that could have allowed a phishing link to reach users. Hackers are also using texts and instant messaging; the South Korean government has warned the public of an estimated 10,000 SMS phishing attempts seeking to spread misinformation about COVID-19.

source: Business Insider

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