5 Killed in Shooting at Molson Coors in Milwaukee

Image result for 5 Killed in Shooting at Molson Coors in Milwaukee

Six people have been reported dead after a Molson Coors Beverage Co. employee killed five of his co-workers and afterward fatally shot himself during a rampage at the company’s Milwaukee campus Wednesday, authorities said.

The suspected gunman is a 51-year-old man who worked at the company and killed himself after the attack, said Milwaukee Police Chief Alfonso Morales. More than 1,000 people work at the sprawling Molson Coors complex of about 20 buildings, known for decades as the Miller Brewery.

The police have not detailed what, if any, connection the victims had to the gunman. The shooting began in the afternoon, and a lock-down lasted for hours. No one else was wounded in the attack. The shooting was the latest in a series of mass killings at American workplaces.

Twelve months ago, at a suburban Chicago factory about 115 miles from the Milwaukee crime scene, a disgruntled employee who had been fired from his job killed five other workers. Last May in Virginia Beach, a municipal worker who quit his job went on a shooting rampage and killed 12 people.

As local and federal investigators continued their work, Molson Coors executives traveled to Milwaukee on Wednesday to meet with workers and address reporters. “This is an unthinkable tragedy for us,” said the company’s chief executive, Gavin Hattersley, who also thanked his employees for their bravery.

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